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Product Description

Specification MSRV015 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
PCB size Length:26.7mm, Width: 6.2mm, Height:1.3mm
Weight 10.3g
CPU 8bit MCU
Electrical Standby current : 75uA    Work current: 3.34-3.50mA

Work voltage: 3-3.7V       Charge voltage: 4.2V

Data storage 2MB, 16000 records for Permanently remain
Working mode Offline and USB mode
Product Description Small, battery rechargeable, download data via USB cable
ISO Standard Track1  210bpi,  79 Alphanumeric Characters

Track2  75bpi,   40 Numeric characters

Track3  210bpi,  107 Numeric characters

Performance Read cards: Read all magnetic cards

Swipe direction: Bidirectional
Encryption: Yes

Download: Data downloadable
Free software & Manual: Yes
Free rechargeable Li-ion battery: Yes
Free USB data cable & Charger: Yes
Free plastic rail/ Magnetic slot: Yes

Features Low power consumption
Low voltage operation
Data downloadable via USB cable
Date and time can be opened or closed in every transaction
Data retained even if power is removed
No programming required, easy to use
Battery power Internal Battery: Rechargeable 30mAh and 9mAh Li-ion Battery.

Standby time Working time Charging time
30mAh 400 hours 9 hours 10 min
9mAh 120 hours 3 hours 3 min
Cards Standard ANSI, ISO, ABA
OS Windows XP, Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Communication USB
Use Computer